Take A Breath

Sertoma Park in Bismarck, ND

4 Thoughtful ideas for your photography by Megan Cieloha

1.  Slow down and take your time before pressing the shutter to create carefully exposed and thoughtfully composed images.

2.  Don’t give up on a potential location at first glance.  Explore the area for good light and interesting textures.  A little space is all you really need to rill the frame.

3.  Struggling with a technical issue?  Give yourself a week-long assignment:  Shoot every day with the intention of perfectly executing 10 shots using your chosen skill/setting/technique.

4.  Never leave home without a camera!  Beautiful moments are waiting to happen and you don’t want to miss them.

Taken from Click Magazine published by Clickin’ Moms

I have to really think about #1 above.  I take photos too many times without thinking about my end product.  The photo on the left was taken with a purpose…I knew this path would offer the overhanging trees I wanted and would invite the viewer right in!  I plan to use this photo in upcoming photo art/collage.

I can really relate to point #4.  I don’t know how many times I have come across the PERFECT photo opp and I didn’t have my camera.  So my camera case sits on my bench by the garage door so I can grab it whenever I take off…even if its only to the store!


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