I’d Like to Introduce You to…


  • …Scottie!

    Over the past week I have been thinking about my photos for the month of November.  Where do I want to take them?  What photography skills do I want to practice?  I thought of how many times I see Lego men photographed.  It’s become almost an art.  So I went to Target and looked for THE perfect lego man to photograph during November.  He would go with me everywhere, and I would chronicle my life by taking photos of where and what he is doing.  Great idea, eh?

    Well, all I could find at Target were Lego men that were  monsters, star wars characters, vampires…you get the idea.  I didn’t want THEM!  So, I went home empty-handed.  Then I had the idea to photograph one of Annika’s vast collection of beanie babies that she collected back in the day.  I went into the garage to find the box they were in.  After 20 minutes of searching, I just couldn’t find them.  I DID find Annika’s doll house that we had made for her MANY years ago.  And guess who I found sitting on the balcony?  Scottie.  Well, I don’t know if his real name is Scottie, that’s the name I am giving him!  He is barely 2″ tall and he will be perfect to photograph this month.  I hope to explore photographic skills such as:  aperture settings (depth of field), focus points, filling the frame with my subject, and taking photos from unusual perspectives.

    I can’t wait and I hope you enjoy this little experiment.  So, I will post his photo every day and you all must guess where he is/what he is doing.  I hope we can get quite a good conversation going each day and that you will drop by often to add your thoughts.

    So, where do you think he is today?

  • 2 thoughts on “I’d Like to Introduce You to…

    1. Yes, this is it Sweetie! No that’s not right! But good guess. Joan already guessed it but she had commented right on the photo, so you didn’t see her comment. It is the desk at hospice where I was answering phones for the afternoon! Thanks for guessing. Come back again!

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