• The tree in my “front yard”

    Well, its really not MY front yard…its across the street in my neighbor’s front yard but I think of it as my tree!  It is the most amazing tree.  I’ve taken photos of it at many different times of the year and it never ceases to fascinate me.  I don’t even know what kind of a tree it is…I don’t know much about trees.  It looks like a willow tree.   In the summer, its full and green and provides a lot of shade.  Its one of those trees where you can climb right into it very easily and has huge limbs.  My favorite time of the day to photograph it is during the “golden hour” right before sunset when the setting sun is very golden, lighting up the tree but everything else around it is a kind of dark blue.  Really, photos don’t even seem to do that scene justice…you just have to stare at it and drink in the colors.  This photo was part of my Project 365 last year.  You probably were wondering where Scottie was yesterday.  He was temporarily “missing” so I didn’t get a picture of him for yesterday.  That is what prompted me to look for a substitute photo and I found this one that I took 1 year ago yesterday!  I did find Scottie, he was hiding in plain sight!  He will be back later today.








    Moonrise above MY Tree

    I photographed it one evening just as the moon was rising behind it.









    I seem to have a thing for trees, I photograph them quite often.  This tree REALLY is in our front yard and one day I happened to see the “man in the tree”!  It reminded me of the Ents in the Lord of the Rings books/movies.










    Here is another one that reminded me of the Ents. I found this guy in Plentywood, MT while visiting a friend there.  I was taking a walk and he caught my eye!  I posted him on Facebook as part of my Project 365 last year.  I asked folks to name him and we ended up naming him Treebeard from the Lord of the Rings.









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