Texturizing a Photo

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  • I can’t just leave a photo alone!  I used to just post my photos right out of the camera with no extra processing.  This is quite a controversy I believe.  Any photographers want to weigh in here and share what you think?  I also recently read an article on shooting in RAW that was very good.  I recently have begun to shoot only in RAW so that I have to process every photo.  I have taken some classes and learned how to process photos well and add some textures.  Now, it takes more time, but I am very happy with the results.  Read Elliot Hook’s article here!

    Right now I am in the middle of taking a class with my friend Cheryl  of Cheryl McCain Photography.  The class is called From Image to Art and I am learning so much.  She has encouraged us to look for texture out in our world and take photos of it.  So, here is some texture I found here in the store.  And then I used the texture to “spice up” my flower.  What do you think?  This will be a photo that I use in my floral calendar coming in a few days.

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