Decorating the Christmas Tree


  • Annika was home for Thanksgiving and one of the first things out of her mouth when she got home was, “Can we decorate the Christmas tree on Saturday?”  I said yes because I can use all the help I can get when it comes to decorating our house for Christmas.  But mostly, it has become a tradition for Annika and I to put up the tree together!  I so love that time with her.  We always play Christmas music too and inevitably that includes Mannheim Steamroller’s 2 Christmas albums that we have.  It just wouldn’t be Christmas without Mannheim Steamroller and other Christmas music.  When we put up the tree, we each have our duties too.  Our tree is not a real tree so it takes awhile to separate the branches, spreading them out to put on the pole.  We both do that.  Then it’s time for me to put on the lights…I’ve always done that and that’s what we did again.  Then, Annika sifted through the ornaments and started to put them on while I put out other decorations around the house.  It has also been a tradition to give Annika an ornament each Christmas, often with her name on it and the year we gave it to her.  I will be very sad when she takes those to decorate her own tree.  But, I still had them this year!

    I would love it if you would comment with the traditions that you share in your family during the holiday season.  Click on the Comments tab and share away!  Enjoy the photos of our afternoon together.

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