Fenestrations Photo Contest

I just began following a very fun photo blog!  Click on the blue link and check her out!  She is hosting a Fenestrations Photo Contest.  What are fenestrations you ask?  Well, here is what I found on dictionary.com:

fen·es·tra·tion [fen-uh-strey-shuh n]  noun

1.  the design and disposition of windows and other exterior openings of a building.

Now, this is MY kind of photo contest because I love photographing doors and windows.  So, I hurried to my stash of doors and found the one I wanted to enter.  Now, she originally asked for doors from our travels.  I haven’t been traveling recently so I am entering a door from my very own neighborhood in Beulah, ND!  This is just 2 blocks down the street from me.  I happened to be out and about during the golden hour one night and captured this door.

Here is the photo straight out of the camera:

Here is my Beulah door SOOC

Here is my Beulah door SOOC

Now this really doesn’t look like what I saw that night as far as the golden colors shining on the door.  So….I did some processing in Topaz Adjust and this is what I came up with:

Here is my Beulah Door processed with Topaz Adjust

Here is my Beulah Door processed with Topaz Adjust

Now, this is what my mind was seeing that night!  However, the artist in me couldn’t help but create some photo art with this processed photo.  So….this is what I came up with:

Door Challenge at O-Scraps

Door Challenge at O-Scraps

I originally created this for a challenge on the O-Scraps website.  I used Anna Aspnes’ FloralArt Paperie, No. 10; Artsy Clocks, No. 4; Word art from Angie Young’s kit A Study in Yellow and Gray from Scrap Art Studio, and the “ground” under the door is from Cilenia Curtis’ ArtBox No. 2 from Scrap Art Studio.  I love the way this door works in this collage!  I hope you do too.

This photo was entered in wickedforeign.coms “Fenestrations” photo contest.  So now, go and do likewise!  Find a door or window photo and enter the contest.  I am going to go invite 3 other photographers I know to enter too!

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4 thoughts on “Fenestrations Photo Contest

  1. Beautiful, absolutely beautiful! I AM going to take a trip one of these days and shoot some really really old barns! That’s been something I’ve been wanting to do for ever so long!

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