Getting to Know Katrina Kennedy…


  • I am so pleased to welcome Katrina Kennedy to my blog here at paulajo Photo Designs!  I was first introduced to Katrina and her blog, Capture Your 365 in 2011 when I started taking a photo-a-day.  Her daily tips on what to take a photo of really gave me a lot of good ideas.  I also took a photo class with Katrina called Exposure.  Most recently, I took a Biz class with Jennifer S. Wilson from Create More Media.  Katrina was there also and I credit this class for really getting me inspired to start a blog and move my business forward.  It was in this class that we explored ways to market our businesses and one of those ideas was to have guest bloggers.  So, I asked Katrina if she would be my first guest and she graciously said yes!

    I sent her a series of questions which she answered and I share them now with you:

    paulajo:  How did you get started in photography, Katrina?

    katrina:  I am an accidental photographer. I’ve always had a camera. I’ve always documented the world around me. I’ve used a Kodak 110 and a Canon5D, along with many others.  I never intended to be a photographer. I was just documenting life for myself. For the thrill of capturing the moment. After losing a dear family member to cancer, my husband and I were compelled to do something, anything, in her honor. We connected with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Team In Training in 2002. While training first for a marathon and then Olympic Distance Triathlons, I began taking photos for donations. I stalked the sidelines of events, looking for the perfect shot. Every dollar donated helped heal Dot’s absence.

    paulajo:  That must have been a very healing experience!  Getting involved in such an event can really help a person work through their grief.  Now, I know I am interested to know…What is in your camera bag?

    Canon 5D Mark II
    50mm 1.8
    17-40mm 4.0
    70-200mm 2.8
    100mm 2.8 macro

    paulajo:  What and/or who are your fav subjects when taking photos?

    katrina:  My son and my husband are, without a doubt, my favorite subjects. It is the everyday details of my life I enjoy shooting most.

    paulajo:  That makes sense when you read your blog!  You share some of the most interesting photos and activities that you might not think were worth taking photos of!  I get inspired by many photographers I have found online, what and/or who inspires you in your photography?

    katrina:  I’m inspired by light. Really beautiful light. David duChemin is a huge inspiration. His style is beautiful, but above all he reminds me that photography isn’t just about the camera or gear in my bag.

    paulajo:  How long have you been teaching photography and why do you teach?

    katrina:  I’ve been teaching photography since 2009 when  I found myself on a bus in Florida sitting next to Debbie Hodge. She asked, “have you ever thought about teaching others?”  I knew it was what I wanted to do. More than anything. Teaching photography combines my love for photography and my 17 year background as an employee development trainer.  I love when worlds collide!

    paulajo:  I have heard many people share what their favorite software is when it comes to processing and/or organizing their photos.  What software do you use?

    katrina:  I am a  Lightroom lover and user. I use Photoshop CS4 for scrapbooking and an occasional photo edit.

    paulajo:  I understand you have taken a photo a day for 4 years now.  How do you keep doing it?  To be honest, I did it for 7 months and then stopped because it just became too difficult to keep up.

    katrina:  I am a bit obsessed with taking a photo a day. Surrounding myself with an amazing community of like-minded photographers has helped me keep it going. I also find looking back at my photos, celebrating the moments I’ve gathered, helps me to keep going. They aren’t all amazing photos. But they are mine!

    paulajo:  Do you scrap all your daily photos?  If so, what is your preferred method?  Do you use templates?  Project Life?

    katrina:  I use a digital template for all of my photos of the day. Each year I’ve used a bit different template. I’ll admit though, I’ve never finished scrapping any of my years. I’m close, but not done. I can live with it. I work away a bit at each year when I get a chance. My priority is taking the photos. I keep them in POTD [photo of the day] folders by year on my computer and am able to quickly look through them when I want. They are my favorite folders. 

    paulajo:  I like your priority there of taking the photos then separating them out so you can go back and look them over and be inspired as you said before.  What suggestions/tips would you give your readers for taking a photo every day and really enjoying it?

    katrina:  Decide your purpose. Connect with a community. Give yourself flexibility and freedom from protection. Create a download and document routine. Take your photo early in the day. Use any camera you have. Read more tips here.

    paulajo:  Those are great tips!  There doesn’t ever seem to be enough time in a day to do everything a person wants to do…how do you keep your business and life balanced and organized?

    katrina:  Balance is an interesting thing. It’s not balance I look for as much as moments of calm.  Balance would imply all things are equal in my life, but that just can’t be. I am vigilant about protecting my time with my boys and have learned to say no to things that don’t fit into my life. 

    paulajo:  You sound like you are speaking from experience!  You are starting your new Holiday photo class,  “Your Holidays, Captured Through the Lens” on Tuesday, Dec. 4th.  You have graciously offered a free seat in this class for readers of my blog, so could you tell us what students will learn in this class?

    katrina:  Your Holidays Captured Through The Lens is designed for students to pick up their cameras, follow the steps, and create photos they love. It focuses on the how to do something, not so much on the why. Students learn how to blur lights in the background, create starbursts, take photos in low light, and so much more! 

    paulajo:  That sounds just awesome.  Thanks so much for taking time out of your busy life to share with us!  Now, here is how you can get your name in the running for the free seat in Katrina’s class:

    Complete the following steps:
    1.  Visit my FB page, paulajo Photo Designs, and sign up for my newsletter.
    2.  Come back to this page, click the comments tab above and post a comment telling me you have signed up, sharing why you would want a place in Katrina’s class.
    3.  This begins now as soon as this interview is posted.  At midnight on Monday night, I will take the comments and randomly pick one to be the winner of the free seat in class.  So be sure to check in late Monday or early Tuesday morning to see if you have won!

    Good luck to everyone and have fun getting to know Katrina, taking a look around my blog and her blog, and taking photos of those great everyday moments!

  • 10 thoughts on “Getting to Know Katrina Kennedy…

    1. Quite an enjoyable read! I’ve begun the 365 for the past 2 years but never lasted beyond a couple weeks if that. After reading the interview, I just MAY have to TRY again! I love shooting, just not sure I’d have something to shoot everyday but like I said, I just may have to try again.
      Thanks Paula AND Katrina for such a wonderful read!

    2. I am such awannabe photographer but for some reason the the f stop and aperture have avoided my comprehension. I’m retired now. So maybe NOW is the time to GET IT!

    3. Hey Paula Jo – posted comment in wrong place so here it is again – LOL! What a great interview & inspiration! As you & I have chatted, I also love photography and am amazed by what you are doing to share your talents and love of photography. Katrina Kennedy & her teachings and classes would be a phenomenal opportunity to learn so much and start on my own photo journey. 🙂

        • I actually took my camera and went out this am & took pictures of my little plants in my vertical garden as it had the most gorgeous drops of dew on the leaves! Feels so good to be getting back to the things I love & so appreciate your encouragement & sharing your talents! When do we learn who the winner is??? Awesome of you to offer this 🙂

    4. And the winner is: drumroll please! Jackie Emter! I will also create a post with the winner too, but I just wanted to do it here! I will contact you as soon as I can Jackie to get you the info you need for the class registration! Congratulations!

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