2013 Calendars

I am now offering my 2013 Scripture Floral Calendars!  I am so excited!  I have spent many hours creating these and I hope you will be inspired by them.

I am going to be placing an order for CD Case Calendars within the next 48 hours (by Friday morning, December 14)

Your cost will be $20 each

Now through Dec. 31  

I will place a 2nd order after Christmas for those who may still want one

The pattern is the basic floral calendars below without Scripture

Follow order instructions below

CD Case Calendar

CD Case Calendar

May Page for the CD Case Calendaar

May Page for the CD Case Calendaar

Here is the scoop:

You will order your calendars directly from me here.  After you have chosen the calendar you want from the choices below, please either use the Contact Me link to order or zip me an e-mail:  pjnluvs2scrap@yahoo.com.  Please include the Calender #, how many you would like to order, e-mail address, and shipping address.  I will only take PayPal or personal check at this time.  If you choose PayPal, I will send you an invoice with the total for your order.  Once I receive your payment, I will send the calendars.  If you are sending me a check, I will need to wait until the check clears my bank before I send the order so this will take longer.

Here are your choices of calendars:  Click on one of the photos below and check each one out.  Use your arrow keys within the slide show to navigate from one to the other and to read the descriptions.  You will also find an image of each month’s floral art.

If you would like to “individualize” your calendar with family and friend’s birthdates/anniversaries, I can do that for you for an extra price of $5 added to the base price of the standard wall calendar #CM-01.

The floral art for these calendars has also been uploaded to my SmugMug store here which offers the art in “square proportion” prints which you can purchase individually.  Check out another gallery here, to order these same floral images individually in rectangular photo sizes.


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