About Me

Thanks for stopping by. My name is Paula Jo Nyman and I am passionate about photography, perspective, color, and art! I have to credit my father-in-law, Virgil Nyman, for getting me into photography. He is a professional photographer and I was always interested whenever he came to visit us and took so many wonderful photos of our daughter. One summer, I tried his Olympus E-510 DSLR and I was hooked. I purchased my own and was off and running. I took photography classes online and got involved in Project 365 where I took a photo every day. This forced me to practice what I was learning and to try new skills.

Coupled with my love for preserving memories by scrapbooking, first through traditional paper scrapping, and now through digital scrapping, my photos can really bloom (pun intended!) and shine!

On a more personal note, I am married to the love of my life, Kris. He is a pastor in the AFLC (Association of Free Lutheran Congregations). We celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary this year (2012). We live in Beulah, ND, northwest of Bismarck (the capital) and just south of the beautiful Lake Sakakawea. We have 1 beautiful daughter, Annika, who just graduated from college this Spring and is working as a ministry assistant in the Family Discipleship Department of Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis, MN. I have had various jobs during my married life (besides being a Mom, which to me is the most important!) I have worked as a 3rd grade teacher for 3 years. I have also worked at a greenhouse, an antique shop, a chiropractic office, a post office, a library, 2 drugstores, and most recently our community hospice as the Volunteer and Bereavement Coordinator. My other interests include reading, genealogy research, music, and teaching others how to study the Bible.

That leads me to why I am doing what I am doing with my photography and art. I love God and am a child of Jesus and I want to bring glory to God in all that I do! I believe God has given me unique gifts and abilities to find the beauty in life and nature through the lens of a camera and then showcase this beauty by creating art in various forms. That is why I have chosen the byline of my company logo to be designs that are “creative. unique. inspiring.” My hope for this website is that you will be drawn closer to the One who created this world we live on and the beauty displayed on these pages. I pray you will be blessed by these photos and my art and that you will come back often to see new photos and art!


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